Kafften Ltd | Specialists in External Refurbishments

Kafften is a specialist in external refurbishments projects. We have successfully conducted refurbishments on a wide spectrum of buildings throughout the South East and further afield. From working on historic buildings to multi-storey new builds, we are undeterred by a type or size of a building.

We are able to source the best quality materials for our work, as a result of establishing a close working relationship with the major material suppliers in the industry. This ensures we can find the most suitable match for the age and style of the building. Our scrupulous attention to detail with our materials and work ensures a superior result and guaranteed longevity.

Kafften administers stringent in house measures for each project, which is observed throughout. Our project management ensures that all regulations are obeyed and followed, whilst making certain that our construction team follows these rules and work according to the time scale and budget that we have set in place.

  • Brick Repair

    A traditional construction involving refurbishment and restoration of the existing building, rebuilding, reconstructing and some new build work.

  • Concrete Repair

    Kafften Ltd are specialists at a variety of repair and restoration services, including; internal structural alterations, pointing and tuck pointing, replacement rubbed and gauged arches.

  • External Cleaning Torc/Joss & Doff

    At Kafften Limited, the building’s history is always taken into account, as is the materials used in the fabric of the building, when we decide which cleaning system to utilise.

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