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The cleaning of masonry facades, whatever the material, is the most visible aspect of building conservation work. At Kafften Limited, the building’s history is always taken into account, as is the materials used in the fabric of the building, when we decide which cleaning system to utilise. Certain cleaning systems may remove or even destroy the masonry and other substrates. Firstly, therefore, we undertake careful investigation, samples and trials using only suitably qualified and experienced professionals prior to undertaking any cleaning to ensure that we maintain the integrity of the building.

Common sense dictates that a huge variety of stones, bricks and other materials are used in buildings and Kafften Limited offer specialised cleaning systems tailored to suit the material we are cleaning. Examples of this are nebulous spray cleaning, which is generally considered to be the most gentle and is particularly useful where water-soluble dirt is present or water-soluble chemical compounds have bound the dirt.

Another distinct advantage, of course, is that cleaning with water is cheap, readily available, environmentally friendly and safe. The DOFF System is a steam-based stone cleaning system which can achieve temperatures of 1500C at the nozzle end and the operator is able to vary the temperature and pressure depending on what is being removed and from where. This system can remove moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter (including spores) thus helping to eliminate the need for chemical biocides and protects against further biological activity.

Another benefit of this system is that the volume of water is low and therefore the surface is not saturated and will dry within minutes. The JOS System creates a gently swirling vortex using a mixture of low air pressure, a small amount of water and a safe inert fine granulate. We have different nozzle sizes enabling us to clean the largest areas, down to the very finest of surfaces including mouldings and areas of intricate carving, whilst leaving the substrate intact. It is chemical free and therefore environmentally friendly, and dust and slurry levels are kept to a minimum.

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