Missionaries of Africa

Client: Vinci Construction UK Ltd
Location: Little
Value: TBC
Duration: 22/10/2006 - 10/06/2007
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Project description

Carefully remove the copings to the gable. Clean and set to one side for possible reuse.

Clean the cavity / tray damp etc.

Leave the existing tray damp in place but provide and install new 225mm dpc that ensures it covers the top brick and laps down over the tray damp

Provide and install stop ends damp trays to either end of the gable

Drill out the perp-joints where the existing weep holes are positioned. Provide and install new perp - joint weep holes (full height and width of perp - joint)

Allow for new lead flashings to be installed

Re-lay the previously removed copings allowing for any repairs that may be necessary

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